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A scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) is a type of transmission electron microscope. With it, the electrons pass through the specimen, but, as in scanning electron microscopy, the electron optics focus the beam into a narrow spot which is scanned over the sample in a raster.
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The FEI Morgagni 268 transmission electron microscope available from Technical Sales Solutions (TSS) provides 0.45nm point-to-point resolution and offers excellent image quality for chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical applications.
The Titan™ ETEM is the ultimate in situ high resolution electron microscope to study dynamic behavior of chemical reactions under the influence of variable temperatures and gas pressures at the atomic level.
Technical Sales Solutions (TSS) offers the Hitachi 5200 high-resolution scanning electron microscope that comes with a number of features, such as SEM, detectors, Win NT software, and TMP with mechanical RP.
The FEI DualBeam 235 Focus Ion Beam (FIB) system offered by Technical Sales Solutions (TSS) is a combination of a high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope and a scanning metal ion beam microscope.
The HD-2700 dedicated STEM features the Hitachi developed spherical aberration correction system affording unmatched resolution and analytical sensitivity.
Technical Sales Solutions (TSS) offers the Tecnai G2 F30 S/TEM S-Twin, which is an advanced scanning transmission electron microscope with 0.20nm point-to-point resolution.