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Chemisorption or chemical adsorption is the phenomena whereby chemicals bond strongly to surface of a material via ionic or covalent bonds. It differs from physisorption, where chemical attach to the surface of a material by weak Van der Waals forces. Although it can be difficult to differentiate, the convention is that chemisorption is present if the binding energy per atom or molecule is above about 0.5 eV. chemisorption is of particular importance to catalysts.
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The PULSAR combines affordibility and automation and offers compact, bench-top catalyst characterization using automated flow methods of analysis.
The AOD is ideal for analyzing oxidative decomposition of liquid and solid organic as well as partially unorganic samples under pressure in a closed system.
The Autosorb-iQ is a highly sophisticated gas sorption analyzer available with one or two physisorption analysis ports, both of which can be equipped for low pressure micropore analysis.
The Hiden CATLAB is a bench-top microreactor and combined mass spectrometer system. It has been designed for fast and reproducible catalyst characterisation and reaction analysis.