Crystal Growth & Design: American Chemical Society Publications

Crystal Growth & Design: American Chemical Society Publications

The aim of Crystal Growth & Design is to stimulate crossfertilization of knowledge among scientists and engineers working in the fields of crystal growth, crystal engineering, and the industrial application of crystalline materials.

Crystal Growth & Design publishes theoretical and experimental studies of the physical, chemical, and biological phenomena and processes related to the design, growth, and application of crystalline materials. Synergistic approaches originating from different disciplines and technologies and integrating the fields of crystal growth, crystal engineering, intermolecular interactions, and industrial application are encouraged.

Contributions emphasizing the fundamental concepts of crystal growth and supporting further understanding of the relationship between crystal growth conditions and resulting properties of the crystal (e.g., crystal shape, conduction, solubility) are highlighted.

The journal primarily covers the following:

  • Crystal engineering (e.g., organic, inorganic, and hybrid solids)
  • Crystal growth of inorganic, organic, and biological substances (e.g., biomineralization)
  • Polymorphism, polytypism
  • Development of new nanostructured phases
  • Intermolecular interactions in the solid state (e.g., hydrogen bonding, lattice energies)
  • Modeling of crystal growth processes
  • Prediction of crystal structure and crystal habit
  • Determination and calculation of electronic distribution in the solid state
  • Nucleation theory
  • Molecular kinetics and transport phenomena in crystal growth
  • Phase transitions
  • Solvation and crystallization phenomena, modeling of crystallization processes
  • Purification techniques, industrial crystallization

Crystal Growth & Design does not cover routine reports of crystal or molecular structures.

Crystal Growth & Design received an impressive 4.046 ISI Impact Factor in 2007, making it #1 in Impact Factor in Crystallography. The journal received 5,045 total citations.*

*Based on the 2007 Journal Citation Reports® by Thomson Reuters

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