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Biomaterials may be natural or synthetic and are used to augment or improve the quality of life of a living being or animal. With advances in materials science, biomaterials are finding application in areas such as joint replacement, cardiovascular, orthopaedics, as well as cosmetic surgery. As such biomaterials can take the form of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Biomaterials may also be classified as bioinert, bioactive or resorbable depending on the response they illicit in physiological environments.


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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces: American Chemical Society Publications

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces is being launched with the goal of becoming the international publication of choice for the interdisciplinary community of chemists, engineers, physicists and biologists focusing on how newly-discovered materials and interfacial processes can be developed and used for specific applications. The journal will publish full length articles and letters from researchers in academia and industry in addition to featuring comments and forums dedicated to advancing applied materials research.