Tooling Prepregs for Automotive and Aerospace Applications

With the growing use of composites in aerospace, the need for excellent composite tooling materials is increasing. Part fabricators are searching for tools with tighter tolerances and longer life. The market is looking out for a proven technology partner that can provide high level innovation, manufacturing and service.

Complete Tool Design Freedom

With more than two decades of pedigree in high performance motorsport, the Toray AmberTool® collection of prepregs consists of the HXR, HX and TC series, sold worldwide by a well-established team of tooling experts. Toray’s full range of tooling products allows customers to have total tool design freedom and flexibility.

Toray AmberTool® composite tooling prepregs allow for high precision for all molded and machined tooling applications with a great degree of accuracy. Internationally, Toray offers customers comprehensive technical support service including bespoke training courses.

In Europe, Toray enables a single supplier approach to all composite tooling requirements, from master to material.

Industry Leading Composite Tooling Products

Master and Surface Coat Package*

  • Excellent surface finish generation
  • Compatible with high performance epoxy paste and block maser patterns
  • Specialized sealing and release agent recommendations

* Source: Europe

Full Tooling Delivery Solutions

Full Tooling Delivery Solutions

  • Machinable
  • Custom cutting solutions within Europe
  • Carbon and glass backing structures
  • Rapid delivery solutions for standard materials
  • Broad range of carbon and glass reinforcements with curing temperatures as low as 40 °C and Ts up to 213 °C

Experienced Technical Support

Experienced Technical Support

  • Established processing procedures and complete tooling processing guide available
  • Custom-made training courses offered
  • Mold life-cycle maintenance solutions
  • Dedicated tooling knowledge on surface treatments and advanced in-mold heating applications

Recognized Leader in Composite Tooling Prepregs

Toray AmberTool® Resin Tg (onset)*1 Min cure temp Typical cure time and temperature*2 Tack life (days) Description Aerospace Industrial Motorsport Automotive Energy
Epoxy 162 °C
(323 °F)
65 °C
(149 °F)
12 hours at 70 °C (158 °F) 30 Long tack life for large applications   ο     ο
HXR56*3 NEW Epoxy 185 °C
(365 °F)
40°C (104 °F) 8.5 hours at 50 °C (122 °F) 60 hours Two-layer product for rapid lamination   ο ο ο ο
HX56*3 Epoxy 185 °C
(365 °F)
40 °C
(104 °F)
8.5 hours at 50 °C (122 °F) 60 hours Improved handleability   ο ο ο ο
HX50*3 Epoxy 190 °C
(374 °F)
40 °C
8.5 hours at 50 °C (122 °F) 60 hours Excellent surface finish   ο ο ο  
HX42 Epoxy 200 °C
(392 °F)
50 °C
(122 °F)
8 hours at 60 °C (140 °F) 5 A proven system for aerospace ο ο ο ο  
HX40 Epoxy 203 °C
(397 °F)
50°C (122 °F) 12 hours at 65 °C
(149 °F)
8 Large tooling applications ο ο     ο
TC40*4 BMI 213 °C
(415 °F)
182 °C
(360 °F)
6 hours at 177 °C (350 °F) 14 High service temperature ο        


*1 after post cure *2 followed by post-cure | Sourced from *3 Europe *4 North America

New Products

The latest Toray AmberTool® HXR series is a multiaxial format of the heritage Toray AmberTool® range of tooling prepregs. This series has been precisely designed for when speed and complexity are needed, eventually decreasing total tooling costs.

Example of HXR lay-up:

Example of HXR lay-up

Toray Advanced Composites AmberTool® summary HXR lay-up Standard lay-up
Individual plies 6 10
Debulks 3 4
Total fabric weight 5.41 kg/m2 5.61 kg/m2
Laminate thickness 5.5 mm 5.91 mm


Tool design freedom and flexibility

Tool design freedom and flexibility.

Handleable at ambient temperatures

Handleable at ambient temperatures.

Instrinsically quasi-isotropic

Intrinsically quasi-isotropic.

Excellent surface finish

Excellent surface finish.

TenCate Advanced Composites

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Toray Advanced Composites.

For more information on this source, please visit Toray Advanced Composites.


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