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Toray Advanced Composites in collaboration with Performance Polymer Solutions, now a unit of PROOF Research™, supplies advanced high temperature composites solutions. P2SI® is a key provider of high temperature resins. Toray signed an exclusive license agreement with PROOF Research to supply high temperature prepreg materials consisting of P2SI® resins.

Toray’s Product Line

The following table lists the high temperature prepregs offered by Toray:

Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Time/Temperature Description
RS-8HT BMI 590 °F/310 °C 120 minutes at 400 °F/204 °C Post cure of 360 minutes at 482 °F/250 °C • RS-8HT provides excellent elevated temperature properties with moderate toughness and good moisture resistance
• Also available as an RTM resin
TC420 Cyanate Ester 350 °F/177 °C or 610 °F/321 °C with post cure 3 hours at 350 °F/177 °C Optional post cure at 500 °F/260 °C • Very high temperature service
• Good resistance to microcracking
• Out-of-autoclave processible
TC800 BMI+ (NEW) BMI 471 °F/244 °C 6 hrs at 350 °F/177 °C, followed by 2 hours post cure at 450 °F/230 °C • Out-of-autoclave processible.
P2SI® 635LM Polyimide 635 °F/335 °C 120 minutes at 650 °F/343 °C • Low viscosity, non MDA
• Performance similar to PMR-15
P2SI® AFRPE®-4 Polyimide 700 °F/371 °C Call for information • High temperature polymide
P2SI® NRPE Polyimide 690 °F/366 °C 120 minutes at 700 °F/371 °C • Improved AFRPE-4 with better processing (lower pressure)
• Improved hot/wet performance
P2SI® 900HT Polyimide 870 °F/466 °C 120 minutes at 700 °F/371 °C • Highest service temperature
• 1500 °F/816 °C short term performance
P2SI® Custom Various 500-850 °F/260-456 °C Call for information • Custom polymers for specific applications
• Call for more details

P2SI is a trademark of P2SI® and PROOF Research™. Toray Advanced Composites is the exclusive supplier and distributor of P2SI high temperature prepregs.

Key Characteristics of Advanced High Temperature Composites

Very high temperature composites are polymers that can be used in the service temperature range of 232-427 °C. This temperature range is beyond the service temperature of typical epoxy materials and is more related to the service temperatures of metals (Figure 1).

These very high temperature polymers have high thermal stability, superior chemical resistance, and outstanding mechanical properties.

High Temperature Composites

Figure 1. Very high temperature composites are polymers operating in the 450° - 800+°F service temperature environment. Image Credit: Toray Advanced Composites

The following are the resins used in the prepregs:

  • Bismaleimides (BMIs)
  • Cyanate esters
  • Benzoxazines
  • Polyimides

Applications of Advanced High Temperature Composites

Toray offers an extensive range of very high temperature composite materials for challenging applications, including:

  • jet engines, ducts and hot sections
  • leading edges on hypersonic vehicles
  • heat shields and heat protection systems
  • rocket engine nozzles, thrusters and powerplants
  • high temperature titanium replacement in aircraft and launch vehicles
  • military specific applications
  • high temperature composite tooling.


Advanced composites are increasingly used as an alternative solution to metals in challenging high temperature applications. Designers have shown interest in these resin systems, to expand possibilities and achieve considerable weight reductions.

Besides providing prepregs, Toray offers an extensive range of high temperature adhesives, molding compounds, syntactics, and resins.

For additional technical information, please contact Toray by email at [email protected].

TenCate Advanced Composites

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Toray Advanced Composites.

For more information on this source, please visit Toray Advanced Composites.


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