The Normalization of Steel

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What is Normalizing?

Giving the steel a uniform and fine-grained structure is the intended purpose of the normalization process. Normalizing is used to confirm a predictable microstructure and guarantee of the material’s mechanical properties.

What does the Process of Normalizing Steel Consist of?

Once the steel is cooled in its “As-Rolled” state the material may require further heat treatment to achieve the desired mechanical properties.

Gr 70 Normalized Steel Plate

Gr 70 Normalized Steel Plate. Image credit: Masteel

Normalizing begins by heating the as-rolled plate up to 800-900°C, depending on chemical analysis, and holding the steel at this temperature for a set time ahead of being cooled in still air. The process refines the grain size, improves the mechanical properties and relieves internal stresses.

Can all Grades of Steel be Normalized?

In theory all grades of steel can undergo normalizing. However, some grades of steel must be normalized in the scope of the material specification, whilst other material specifications allow normalizing to be at the discretion of the manufacturer or the purchaser.

Pressure vessel steel grades which  typically undergo normalizing are:

  • ASTM/ASME A/SA516 Gr 70
  • ASTM/ASME A/SA516 Gr 60
  • EN10028 P355NL1
  • BS 1501-224-490B

There are alternative heat treatments that can be applied to steel after rolling:

  • Thermomechanically rolled (TMR) steel
  • Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) steel
  • Normalized-rolled

Will Normalizing Steel have an Impact on the Cost?

Normalizing is an additional process and as such will have an impact on the cost of steel. Actual cost would have to be confirmed with the manufacturer at the time of enquiry.

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About Masteel UK Ltd

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