Aluminum Calcium (AlCa) Master Alloy

Calcium may be added to aluminum alloys to remove certain low melting point impurities by formation of intermetallic compounds. Another application of the element is to improve the as-cast surface quality of AlMg wrought alloys.

AlCa is available in the form of rod (6% Ca) as well as waffle ingot (10% Ca). The AlCa6 is available as 9.5 mm (3/8 “) diameter rod in coils suited for inline addition in the casting launder or treatment box. N.B. Such addition can be accomplished using the KBM Affilips engineered rod feeder. Cut rod is also available upon request.

AlCa10% is produced as notched waffle ingot of approximately 7 kg unit weight.

Composition of Aluminum-Calcium (AlCa)

The composition of aluminum-calcium is given in the table below:

Alloy Forms Composition

Coiled rod

6% Ca
balance Al

Waffle ingot

10% Ca
balance Al


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