Copper Magnesium (CuMg) Master Alloy

The Copper-Magnesium master alloys are used for the deoxidation and desulphurisation of copper and copper alloys. They also find application in the production of low alloyed wrought CuMg alloys, for example for wire, cable and trolley overhead lines, combining high strength with good electrical conductivity.

Finally, the master alloy is sometimes used in the production of nodular cast iron. Compared to pure magnesium, the CuMg master alloy reacts with the melt in a less violent manner. As a result, burn off losses are reduced and a higher consistent Mg recovery is obtained.


The different CuMg master alloys supplied by KBM Affilips are listed in the following table:

Alloy Form Composition



10% Mg
balance Cu


Broken ingot

15% Mg
balance Cu


Broken ingot

20% Mg
balance Cu


Broken ingot

35% Mg
balance Cu


Broken ingot

40% Mg
balance Cu


Broken ingot

50% Mg
balance Cu

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