How to Avoid ‘Furnace Down’ Crises

“Furnace down” crises and the associated expenses can be prevented by keeping several spare elements for critical consumables close at hand.

Critical consumable components include:

  • Hearth plates
  • Thermocouples
  • Element connectors
  • Heating elements

Heating Elements

Whenever a water filter is replaced in a refrigerator, the counter that indicates how many gallons of water have passed via the filter and when it is time to substitute it is generally reset. This is indicated by a light, for instance, when the light changes from amber to red color, it means that the filter has to be changed.

However, no early warning systems are provided in heating elements. An element that has been used for a long period of time can stop working suddenly in the following scenarios:

  • When individuals use their tongs to pull out a crucible from the furnace, they could hit an element which will lead to a mechanical break
  • When users apply excess torque to the connector when substituting an element, it could result in stress fractures and the subsequent failure
  • When users’ element connector becomes worn and tired and causes arcing, one or more elements could be destroyed

Deltech Furnaces provide different sizes of heating elements that can be delivered in a single business day, but special request placed for certain types and sizes can take about six weeks to develop. It is often assumed that element manufacturers stocks different sizes of heating elements, but apparently this is not the case.

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