Digital Force Testing of Syringes and other Medical Devices

Accurate and repeatable testing of medical devices and packaging can make the difference between life and death. AMETEK STC provides Chatillon CS Series digital force testers that are designed to make such testing processes both painless and reliable.

The Chatillon CS Series digital force tester

Figure 1. The Chatillon CS Series digital force tester

For instance, if we consider syringes, syringe fluid extrusion force, plunger force, and needle penetration force are some of the major parameters that need to be factored so the right amount of medication is delivered to patients in an accurate, safe, and reliable way.

In other medical devices, such as stents, catheters, sutures, heart valves, wound dressings and sealants, testing helps to ensure that these devices perform as intended and that the design is accurate in terms of packaging.

The CS Series force testers provide a perfect solution when repeatability, accuracy, and documentation of the results are essential. These testers not only make testing easy but also provide a low-cost option when there is no need for advanced material testing functionality. The testers are versatile and come with a broad choice of couplings, grips, adaptors, and compression fixtures to achieve almost every imaginable force testing job at hand.

Painless, Digital Testing

CS Series force testers are capable of performing common medical industry tests, from simple static force testing through to cyclic testing, multistage testing, and more at a fraction of the cost of a sophisticated materials force tester. The large working area of 180 mm in the CS Series testers enables operators to test both the medical device and packaging.

Ease of Use with One-Click Operation

The CS Series force testers come in two load capacities - the CS1100 for testing up to 5 kN (1100 lbf) and the CS225 for testing up to 1 kN (225 lbf). These testers offer an intuitive, user-friendly touch screen console.

The user interface makes it easy to carry out shear testing, tensile testing, flexural testing, compression testing, or sophisticated multi-stage testing that complies with ASTM or ISO testing procedures. The IP65 touch screen console is rugged, splash-proof, and is easy to operate.

It provides graphical and tabular results with integrated SPC. On the start-up screen, the most-used tests are displayed for instant testing. Operators can gain instant access to favorite tests and test results through a one-click operation. Data can be either displayed or exported to OLE2 or Excel formats.

Plug and Play

The CS Series is a fully operational, self-contained system that eliminates the need for an in-depth understanding of programming language, propriety software, or a personal computer to operate. For better security, the CS Series includes two levels of user access that can be protected by passwords.

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Chatillon – Measuring Up to Your Standards

AMETEK STC’s brand Chatillon provide a complete range of materials testing and force testing equipment for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, plastic, rubber, food, and packaging. AMETEK STC is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of materials testing systems. The company’s high-quality products are produced at its Largo, USA-based plant.

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