Heat Treating Operations and Hydrogen Supply Methods

hydrogen production technology

Today, many manufacturing processes rely on hydrogen as an important protective and reducing atmosphere, especially in the production of stainless steel alloys. In order to minimize manufacturing costs and to optimize production efficiency, the method of gas delivery must be carefully evaluated.

Hydrogen Production Technology

For many years, hydrogen has been used both in its pure form and in gas mixtures in metallurgical and thermal processes such as brazing, powder coating, sintering, annealing, metal injection molding, and welding operations.

Improvements in hydrogen production technology are providing new, environmentally sound and cost-effective options for metal producers. While weighing these options, heat treaters and metallurgists must consider the current average hydrogen consumption, location of their facilities, hydrogen-use patterns, and estimated future needs.

In addition, they should consider siting, storage, regulatory, and maintenance issues. The level of hydrogen purity required for a particular process must also be taken into consideration.

Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen generators provide an attractive solution for commercial or captive heat treating operations that operate 24/7, process stainless steel components, and have furnaces requiring high-purity gas. On-site generators are suitable for locations where delivery and storage of hydrogen is prohibited or difficult.


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