Sialon Welding Rolls and Weld Pins from International Syalons

International Syalons manufacture a comprehensive range of sialon and zirconia weld location and control pins. The company supply a range of standard pins, in addition to custom sizes. These weld pins are available in both Syalon 101 and Zircalon.

Syalon 101 weld location pins are used in the metal forming industry to allow precise welding of nuts to sheet metal. They have a proven history of success of more than 15 years by several leading automotive manufacturers.

Zircalon weld location pins are a more recent addition to Internationa Syalons. They excel where their greater toughness is required, such as when severe impact is a possibility. Like Syalon 101 they have excellent wear resistance, however they are not recommended where thermal shock may occur. Also, they are double the weight of an equivalent Syalon 101 weld pin.

Zircalon is available in two grades, Zircalon 5 and Zircalon 10. Zircalon 10 has slightly superior properties for applications which demand it.

Welding Rolls

International Syalons manufacture a range of sialon welding rolls for use in electric resistance welding (EWS) of steel pipes and tubes, for example.

In the EWS process, the welding rolls (sometimes also known as squeeze rolls) apply the pressure to the tube while the metal is being heated, often by high-frequency induction heating, and this combination gives a forged weld. This process puts a number of demands on the welding roll material. It requires high strength, thermal shock resistance, wear resistance and high electrical resistance. Also, the pipe temperature can approach the melting point of the metal and so high temperature stability is required.

Syalon 101 meets all these requirements resulting in a number of key advantages, such as improved pipe quality, reduced roll maintenance, reduced welding failures and reduced cooling requirement as the sialon rolls can operate at high temperatures.


The successful integration of ceramics into engineering systems requires close collaboration between you, the end-user, and ourselves, the material suppliers. Our Technical Department can be contacted to discuss your requirments in detail and assist in exploiting the significant advantages which Zircalona and Syalon 101 has to offer.

In addition, please visit the International Syalon website for guides on designing with ceramics and more property data comparing Zircalon with other engineering ceramics.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Internatrional Syalons.

For more information on this source, please visit International Syalons.


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