Fiberglass Alternatives to Wood and Steel

A vacation for the whole family is rarely cheap, so it is essential that multifamily resorts and complexes offer exceptional experiences for vacationers of all ages.


It is very important to ensure safety and security to allow customers to have peace of mind, but small visual touches are just as important for creating that genuine vacation experience.

Compounding these requirements is the fact that resort destinations normally feature tough conditions, which can corrode materials over time. Seawater can cause steel structures to rust, whereas chlorine in pools can cause major chemical corrosion to incompatible decking materials.

Multilevel resorts and complexes have risen to this challenge by gradually turning away from the usual conventional materials favoring the cost-effective solutions with all-rounded benefits.

For centuries, wood has frequently been utilized as a structural and aesthetic building block, but there is a noteworthy ecological impact connected with using the material in bulk. Wooden railings can be physically hard to shape and install.

It is also difficult to effectively treat it against corrosion – making it unsuitable as poolside railings or long-term fencing systems. The ideal solution for this issue is the use fiberglass because the high-strength polymer-based material is resistant to rotting and to all multiple corrosive elements.

STRONGRAIL® fiberglass pool railings are water and chemical resistant, including chlorine. The product also shows phenomenal resistance to ultraviolet light, reducing the danger of solar bleaching and maintaining enhanced coloring for a longer period. The most important thing to note is that fiberglass railings are manufactured via a high-strength matrix of continuous glass strands and rigidifying resins to guarantee that poolside railings and external fencing systems are secure and stable at all times.

In spite of the rising costs of production and installation, steel remains the first choice of material for critical construction applications.

Core structural shapes in resorts and hotels are still fabricated using steel sections and profiles, relying on the broadly recognized mechanical properties of the alloy. Yet, fiberglass has been known as a good alternative for plenty of external or aesthetic applications – including in the hospitality industry.

STRONGDEK™ fiberglass panels are the best choice for architectural decking systems in resorts and complexes, encapsulating an innovative interlocking design for a smooth and sturdy finish.

The product is regularly used to fabricate flat or curved profiles for balconies and multilevel platforms in resorts. The material can be done with an optional gritted surface to develop skid resistance for poolside components and marina walkways.

Fiberglass Solutions from Strongwell

Strongwell is an expert supplier of fiberglass products to several industry regions worldwide. Their products have been efficiently used to substitute conventional components in a variety of hotels and resorts, reducing costs of maintenance and improving the aesthetic impact of facilities.

Their fiberglass products suitable for the hospitality sector include:

  • STRONGRAIL®: an architectural railing and fence system created from a robust fiberglass composite of strand glass mats, continuous glass fibers,  a synthetic surfacing veil, and a flame-retardant polyester resin: available with several standard options and a variety of components for one of a kind fiberglass railing combinations;
  • STRONGDEK™: an artistic fiberglass decking system that can be formed to any length and can be mounted using hidden fasteners for a very pleasing finished appearance.


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Strongwell Corporation.

For more information on this source, please visit Strongwell Corporation.


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