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Choosing the AccuSizer over Particle Characterization Techniques

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In this interview, Kerry Hasapidis, from Entegris, talks to AZoM about their new partnership and what this means for the future.

Please can you tell us about Entegris?

Entegris is a global leader in advanced materials science and we have expertise to help solve the most advanced technology challenges. For over 50 years our mission has been to help customers utilize our advanced, science-based solutions to support a safer workplace; to innovate faster and more efficiently; and ultimately to transform the world.

What kind of technology platforms does Entegris provide to industry?

We offer two different technologies. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) and zeta potential for sub-micron size and charge analysis, and our liquid particle counter/size analyzer systems – the AccuSizer series – for size and concentration of liquid suspensions.

Particle Characterization Techniques, Particle Characterization,

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Are these both laboratory-based systems?

Actually, we can provide solutions for online analysis for both DLS and the AccuSizer series. In fact, online AccuSizer systems are now the biggest selling products we make.

How did online analyzers become your main business?

We have been providing online systems since our inception in the early 1990’s. But beginning about five years ago, the semiconductor industry latched onto our online AccuSizer systems (or Minis) to test CMP slurries. Several major integrated circuit manufacturers standardized on placing Minis in the CMP delivery systems in every fab they constructed. This trend is continuing as more fabs choose placing the Mini in their CMP delivery systems.

Did this have something to do with the recent acquisition of PSS by Entegris?

Entegris is a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions for the microelectronics industry and they saw our close relationship with major IC manufacturers as being synergistic with their other solution offerings. Entegris also includes a growing life sciences division where our products are also well received.

Particle Characterization Techniques, Particle Characterization,

What makes the AccuSizer so attractive to these diverse industries?

Since the AccuSizer is a one at a time particle analyzer, the results are more accurate and higher sensitivity than an ensemble light scattering technique like laser diffraction. In addition, this technique provides particle concentration in particles/mL.

The sensitivity advantage of this technique is most advantageous when trying to detect a few large particles in the presence of a distribution of smaller particles. In CMP slurries a few large particles can cause defects and reduce yields. In inkjet inks, a few large particles can plug jets and reduce print quality. The concentration of large droplets is an excellent indication of emulsion instability. Large particle concentration indicates problems like protein aggregation in pharmaceutical products.

What other industries currently choose the AccuSizer over other particle characterization techniques?

Since the AccuSizer is also a liquid particle counter its used as a particle contamination monitor in all sorts of industries. The life science group within Entegris uses the AccuSizer to assure cleanliness in Aramus single use bags. Other industries use it the same way to determine parts cleanliness.  It’s used to track particle contamination in hydraulic and lube oil in heavy machinery. The pharmaceutical industry uses it to count subvisible particles in injectable drugs. Filter companies use the AccuSizer to test filter efficiency.

Particle Characterization Techniques, Particle Characterization,

The pharmaceutical industry uses the AccuSizer to count subvisible particles in injectable drugs. Image Credit:Shuttersock/PavelChagochkin

Where do you see your business headed now that you are a part of such a large corporation?

Entegris has a giant footprint in the microelectronics industry so there’s no doubt that will be a major focus for future development. Entegris is also a large filter manufacturer so filter testing will be quite important. The life science business unit within Entegris is growing and we plan to help fuel that growth. But our other industrial and academic customers shouldn’t be worried that we will ignore existing customers. That’s not the Entegris way. This company is very customer and solution focused.

Where can our readers go to find out more?

To find out more please visit our website here.

About Kerry Hasapidis

Kerry Hasapidis, formerly President of Particle Sizing Systems, LLC, offers over thirty years of experience in the field of Particle Analysis. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from New York University. Mr. Hasapidis is currently VP, Particle Sizing Systems of the AMH Business Unit for Entegris Corporation.


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