Enhancing Witness Testimonies with Laboratory Testing Services

Offering laboratory testing facilities for litigation proceedings is a complicated procedure needing both technical skill and the capacity to communicate particular scientific conclusions to a lay audience.

Enhancing Witness Testimony with Laboratory Testing Services

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The complexity of this can be either lessened or complicated when testimonial evidence is questioned by the prosecution or the defense in court. An attorney that requests expert laboratory testing services and following witness testimony to reinforce the position of their case is not likely to question scientific findings in front of the jury. This is not usually the case during cross-examination.

When experts that have performed certain laboratory testing services in litigation cases are cross-examined in court, they need to be able to defend their analytical techniques and conclusions. This needs an unswerving comprehension of the case and the science under scrutiny. Additionally, it helps to have a wider understanding of the litigation process and best practices for standard laboratory testing services performed for litigation proceedings.

This article will discuss some of the standard laboratory testing services that Jordi Labs has undertaken as part of the expert witness service.

Laboratory Testing Services for Product Failure

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Jordi Labs specializes in Extractables & Leachables, E&L testing, for medical devices.

Product failure usually takes place when the requirements of an intermediate or end-product have not been met throughout manufacturing. This can occur because of a lack of quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) when taking into account feedstocks and partially finished products, or where concessions have been made to meet great demands or tight time limitations. In fact, there are multiple factors that can contribute towards product failure as any constructed product must adhere to pre-defined specifications.

Laboratory testing services for product malfunction are usually concerned with establishing the root source of product failure. Scientists must investigate the failed product to create hypotheses concerning the mode and mechanism of failure before holistically establishing a study to examine these hypotheses in more detail.

Personal Injury Witness Testimony

Accidents and inadvertent injuries totaled around 161,374 deaths in the USA throughout 2017. Fatal and non-fatal accidents are frequently scrutinized through court proceedings, and laboratory testing services are usually cited for ascertaining where liability is found. This can be an extension of product failure analysis if individuals have developed injuries due to inadequate product performance. It can also be performed to establish the chemical identity of materials that have represented a hazard to human health.

Expert laboratory testing services can help distinguish unknown aspects of interest and discover hypotheses concerning the origin of contaminants that might have influenced personal injury. 

Laboratory Testing Services with Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs is a family-owned company with extensive experience offering laboratory testing facilities for a variety of academic, commercial, and industrial fields. They have supplied many litigation cases with our expertise, presenting expert witness testimony that is clear, reliable, and effective under cross-examination.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Jordi Labs.

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