Sophisticated Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions

When combining the HMI (human-machine interface) functions with Deltech’s furnace control system, potential applications beyond simple data acquisition and logging are unlocked.

Today, even a conventional chart recorder has been integrated into programmable temperature controllers. These controllers now feature commonly used PID programming, supporting segments and multiple programs, as well as the ability to autotune with added graphical recording capabilities.

All of the data acquired on the instruments can be observed in real-time and also via historical replay. Additionally, data archiving is made possible by utilizing data transfer via FTP and a removable USB.

PLCs developed for remote monitoring and control can now be incorporated with PID control modules and multiple inputs and outputs to offer state-of-the-art system control plus data acquisition and communication.

As well as remote data monitoring and performing external updates of PLC programs, the user has the ability to receive emails or mobile phone alerts relative to the system status and any alarms. These PLCs can be connected to your PC using a standard USB cable. Complete the system with a touchscreen LCD display.

Other SCADA-type HMI systems manage slave modules using PID control, data acquisition, and alternative module functionality, including VFD for motor control. (To learn about SCADA, click here).

To discover which HMI solution can be incorporated with your Deltech furnace control system to offer the precise level of control and data monitoring required for your process, contact Deltech Furnaces. Deltech has vast experience with Allen-Bradley, G.E., Idec, Red Lion and Siemens systems

Deltech Furnace control system with touchscreen interface

Deltech Furnace control system with touchscreen interface. Image Credit: Deltech, Inc

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