Top Tips for Buying an Industrial Furnace

Things to consider when purchasing an industrial furnace

  • The maximum rated operating temperature and sustained operating temperature of the industrial furnace may not be the same. For instance, an industrial furnace that has a maximum use temperature of 1700 °C might have a recommended sustained use temperature of 1600 °C.

    If you run the furnace at the maximum rated temperature (1700 °C) for a prolonged period other than that as advised by the manufacturer, significant degradation of the furnace lining may occur in combination with a rapid rate of heating element loss.
  • Stainless steel furnaces may be aesthetically pleasing, but to protect the operator, they must be cooled as those sleek and shiny surfaces can cause burns. The conventional solution is to insert cooling fans between the stainless enclosure and body of the furnace body.

    However, cooling fans can fail. Offset fiberboard furnace exteriors eliminate the necessity for reliance on fan cooling, offering a better solution to avoid hazardous surface temperatures.
  • As corrosives splatter and outgas, the furnace insulation can be left looking like the surface of the moon. Therefore, consult the furnace manufacturer to see if they have developed any solutions for such instances.

    If not, it may be necessary to replace linings and elements on a more frequent basis.
  • The temperature controller is an important factor. While for some operations, an inexpensive single setpoint controller may be appropriate, it is possible multiple programs with several segments per program, and even recipes for different product runs are required.

    Advanced controllers with state-of-the-art features are now readily available at a proportionally reasonable cost.
  • Information is crucial! Allow the manufacturer to offer their expertise and experience to guide the development of an industrial furnace by offering a comprehensive guide to the product and firing process.
  • Request a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if there are any concerns when sharing proprietary information. Find a manufacturer who can provide the optimal solution for the most complex of firing problems. This might necessitate design modifications or customization.

Custom industrial rotary furnace

Custom industrial rotary furnace. Image Credit: Deltech, Inc

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