The Functionality of Bulletproof Doors

The dual-purpose performed by bulletproof doors is protecting against penetration by ballistics and blasts and also functioning as a normal entryway. Products can sacrifice some of the important day-to-day functionalities that are essential for normal working conditions if they prioritize security above all else.

Two of these functionalities are that employees must be able to communicate with consumers through transaction windows and that pedestrians are able to see through the windows of shopfronts. These are both simple indicators that business is working as usual, and these indicators can be inhibited by bulletproof goods which are subpar.

When considering bulletproof glass, ballistic-resistant windows are heavier than standard components, and the underlying materials are much more costly. Polymer-glass laminates must be paired with a suitable framing material to provide a complete security solution, and they can be challenging to size and cut.

Cosmetic appearance can be relegated to an afterthought due to the increased cost and installation challenges which are associated with ballistic-resistant windows. Obtrusive bulletproof products can deter customers or contribute to an overly militarized and unwelcoming aesthetic even though they may assist with security.

The cost of bulletproof doors is usually not as much as that of storefronts and transaction accessories which are made up of multiple layers of bulletproof glass. Yet, customers who are looking to integrate bulletproof doors into existing architectures still have frequent functionality concerns. This article aims to address the following questions and more:

  • What conditions can a high quality bulletproof door reliably withstand?
  • How heavy are bulletproof doors?
  • Will they inhibit day-to-day operations?  

Outlining Bulletproof Doors

Simply put, bulletproof doors are secure entryways that are made up of advanced ballistic-resistant materials, usually cold-rolled steel or veneered wood.

Armortex utilizes a close grain hardwood like red oak for a high quality opaque finish on their veneered wood bulletproof doors, with a solid core construction which is made up of a composite material reinforced with two faces of thick veneer. 

Armortex’s steel bullet-resistant doors are made up of Hi-hard ballistic steel in a hollow assembly which is filled with a composite of equivalent ballistic resistance (UL rating) and foam insulation. These assemblies are supported by continuous gear hinges of heavy-duty clear anodized aluminum and door frames with equivalent UL ratings. 

At their factory, Armortex is able to hang doors in customer-specified fixtures, including cylinder and mortise lockset devices. This allows you to optimize your bulletproof door to your requirement. 

The continuous gear hinge is ideal for high traffic entrances, utilizing a unique gear tooth mesh beneath a cap that runs the full length of the hinge. Personnel are able to move through these entryways all day, every day easily, without experiencing notable discomfort from the weight of the door. 

Daily operations can carry on as normal with a choice of clear glazing vision panels that are also UL-matched to the bullet resistance of the door itself. These include: 

  • Slim Lite
  • Double Lite
  • View Lite
  • Half Lite
  • Full Lite 

When considering the conditions that bulletproof doors are able to withstand, Armortex has manufactured doors that are FEMA-certified, so they can engineer bullet-resistant entryways and doors for UL levels 1-8 and higher to provide substantial protection from impacts, blasts and high wind speeds.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Armortex.

For more information on this source, please visit Armortex.


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