How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

International Gas Detectors Ltd (IGD) is proud to present the launch of a new range of PID (VOC) fixed detectors, in addition to its latest range of portable VOC detectors. These are important additions to IDG’s current product range, which allow the company to offer a complete VOC detector range and deliver the highest level of detection possible to our customers.

How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

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IGD possess more than a century’s worth of manufacturing experience in gas detection and over two decades of experience in PID detection. This immense expertise guarantees that customers have access to the appropriate VOC detector solution with complete support and warranty from a long-standing manufacturer purely dedicated to gas detection and gas safety.

As the leading specialist in PID detection, it’s crucial to lift the standard for VOC detectors. This article discusses the best-of-class VOC detectors and how IGD is raising the standard in the industry.

What are VOC’s and Where are they Found?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low boiling point, which means they exist as gases or vapors at room temperatures. A large number of VOCs are chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of paints, pharmaceuticals and refrigerants.

Typically, VOCs are human-made industrial solvents, including trichloroethylene or other by-products that are generated by chlorination in water treatment, such as chloroform. VOCs are often constitutive elements petroleum fuels, Benzene, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners and dry-cleaning agents.

VOCs contain a wide-variety of chemicals, several of which could lead to short- and long-term adverse health effects. VOCs are discharged by a vast range of products numbering in the thousands.

For instance, cleaning supplies, building materials, furnishings paints and lacquers, paint strippers, pesticides and office equipment, such as copiers and printers, correction fluids and carbonless copy paper, all include VOCs.

Moreover, these hazardous compounds can also be found in graphics and craft materials, including glues and adhesives, permanent markers and photographic solutions.

How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

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Each of these products can emit organic compounds while being used and, to a certain extent, when they are stored. Thus, the installation of VOC detectors in the workplace is a growing health and safety requirement, especially where VOCs are involved.

Due to the vast range of applications and gas types, each VOC detector is well-suited to a particular application.

Sometimes a fixed detector may be the best solution, such as sampler or safe area, etc., or in other instances, portable may be a good choice, such as multi gas or benzene specific, etc. IGD can offer all PID options for the complete VOC detector solution.

Fixed VOC PID Detection By IGD - Raising the Standard for VOC Detection

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New Fixed VOC Detectors

The latest range of VOC (PID) detectors from IGD are amongst the most innovative in the current market. IGD has been able to lean on its century of expertise and two decades of PID experience to improve PIDs considerably, and now IGD can offer the longest lamp life.

The 50% increase in lamp lifetime (more than 15,000 ppm hrs.) is paired with eradicating sputtering through the non-electrode UV lamp design. IGD’s designs significantly reduce the long-running costs of replacement on fixed VOC detectors as well as remove common PID issues that impact operational costs.

IGD’s latest PID cells are available in a stainless-steel design on our sophisticated 2-Wire Sentinel+™ technology. This new design discernably limits the cross interference emitted from other competing ABS sensor cell designs, often used by competitor VOC detectors.

How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

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IGD’s new cells also deliver lower PPM level detection, which other detection techniques find hard to achieve. IGD’s novel electrode stack design guarantees that frequently encountered humidity interference is negated and does not influence how its VOC detectors function.

IGD’s VOC detectors use industry first 2-Wire Addressable technology, where each detector is connected via a 2-Core cable for both power and communication. Moreover, this offers clients a 70% cost reduction on installation compared to other technologies as well as live digital data.

With ATEX/IECEx, safe area and sampling fixed detectors, IGD offers the complete VOC detector solution for each and every industry. This was something missing from the wider industry, and now IGD offers the go-to solution(s). See below for the latest line of fixed VOC detectors:

New Range of mPower Portable VOC Detectors

IGD’s strategic partnership with mPower has allowed the company to offer the highest level of stability of PPB detection available in the current VOC detector market. With mPower’s NEO series of portable VOC detectors, IGD can provide a portable VOC detector that is genuinely astonishing.

The NEO has exceptional linearity over the entire measurement range paired with long battery life and robust, durable housing. The NEO has many excellent features, is lighter weight than the majority of competing models and is a top of the class portable VOC detector and with a Benzene specific version.

Discover more about the PID NEO VOC detector via the product page here, where its features and what is supplied are extensively detailed. For the NEO Benzene, please see here.

How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

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The POLI multi gas not only incorporates PIDs as part of a multi gas unit but also facilitates a vast range of exotic gas detection via its plug and play sensors. This multi gas monitor also comes with up to 6 months of uninterrupted data logging, perfect for survey work.

The POLI also has a man down alarm integrated into the device. This is just a selection of the features of the POLI multi gas monitor; check out the product page here to discover more.

How IGD Have Set New Standards for VOC Detection

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With over a century of gas detection experience, IGD is one of the longest-standing gas detection suppliers in the world. The company also possesses more than two decades of VOC detector experience, meaning high-quality advice and training on PIDs is readily accessible.

Being a leading specialist in the field, IGD has a large service team that covers the UK and Ireland in addition to one of the most extensive distributor networks globally. This means IGD can offer complete support no matter where the customer is located.

IGD also possesses a list of accreditations that includes CPD for its aftercare training, as well as ATEX, IECEx and quality procedures, including ISO.

Raising the Standard for VOC Detectors

All of this means that IGD is setting and raising the new standard for detectably better VOC detectors, offering groundbreaking fixed detector cells through IGD’s non-electrode UV lamp, in addition to being one of the only companies consistently delivering safe area VOC detection on the market.

IGD is also the only company that provides VOC detectors on its pioneering 2-Wire addressable technology, lowering the costs and cabling by 70%. IGD’s partnership with mPower also enables access to some of the best quality portable VOC detectors on the market.

This, paired with its extensive experience, the company is able to provide the complete solution for VOC detection and genuinely set a new, higher standard for PID detection.

Discover more about IGD’s new detectably better PID range, visit the PID product section here, or contact the IGD team of experts, today.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

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