How to Determine Sulfur Content in Cement

Portland cement is one of the most widely used building materials across the globe, and it is not always the exact same composition. There are five basic types of Portland cement that adhere to the ASTM C150 classification standard, and each of these variations has different best-use cases.

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What generally sets apart each type of cement from the next is the carbon and sulfur concentrations present in the precursor materials. Sulfur is crucial when determining the final chemical resistances of the Portland cement, so establishing the sulfur concentration is absolutely essential to establishing the right quality and type of the final material.

The most widely used technique for establishing sulfur content is through combustion methods. LECO’s horizontal resistance furnace, SC832,  has been developed specifically with this task in mind. The resistance furnace design has the capacity to withstand appreciable amounts of moisture in the samples without influencing the results.

How to Determine Sulfur Content in Cement

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Typically, induction furnaces may be troubled by the gypsum that contains the sulfur used in cement-making processes and calcium sulfate dihydrates, sometimes leading to inaccurate readings.

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But while there are various types of Portland cement, there are also a variety of 832-series instruments.

Lloyd Allen, Director of the Technical Services Laboratory at LECO, presents the differences between the 832-series instruments and how each one can be effectively employed to establish sulfur and carbon in cement in an on-demand webinar.

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