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JH Technologies Partners with COXEM

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In this interview, John Hubacz, CEO of JH Technologies, speaks about JH Technologies’ ethos, mission, and vision - and why the new US-based partnership with COXEM is set to take both organizations from strength to strength in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

Please tell us about your company, JH Technologies, and how you would characterize the organization’s vision and mission.

Simply put, at JH Technologies, our priority is to ‘make the invisible visible’ by helping manufacturers, researchers, and educators get the most out of their equipment and materials.

Within the next two years, our expansion goal is to grow 15% annually, resulting in a $27 million company providing laboratory and manufacturing equipment and services to manufacturing, microelectronics, scientific institutions, and education sectors.

Customers see us as experts and come to us for rapid, reliable answers. We help them understand their materials so they can produce outstanding products and trustworthy, innovative research. We value the development of technical knowledge in our staff, and we prioritize and encourage sharing that know-how with our customers.

At JH Technologies, we also take pride in giving back to the community and using our technical skills to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

How do you find COXEM as a partner, and what are the competitive advantages and strengths of COXEM?

COXEM has been – and continues to be –  a true pleasure to work with. As an organization, COXEM has been very supportive and willing to do what is necessary to grow the now-shared business. COXEM has a high level of focus on table-top SEMs, which was noteworthy to us as many of their major competitors do not have that same focus. Crucially, COXEM is open to ideas that can help the business grow. This partnership, therefore, creates a competitive advantage for us in the market.

Having entered into a new partnership with COXEM, how do you feel COXEM can contribute to your success?

As stated, COXEM offers a true competitive edge for our organization as a result of its shared expertise and strong focus areas. We expect that COXEM will be one of our largest partners in just a few years. Their technology is the next step for many of our customers. For instance, increasing their magnification capability from 1000x to 150,000x will provide users and industry alike with highly valuable information needed to confirm quality manufacturing processes and to move innovation forward.

What do you hope the outcome will be of building a strong synergy between COXEM and JH Technologies?

We believe that, in partnering and building this strong synergy between COXEM and JH Technologies, our shared organization can become the very top supplier of SEMs in North America, a market that we believe has a potential of $40 million this year alone. This potential will allow us to corner the market in a dynamic and ever-evolving manner, where together we can learn and grow concurrently.

How will this partnership affect your current and future customers in terms of service and applications?

This partnership is the logical next step for the majority of our customer base. We already have a very strong reputation for service, and we know that is set to continue with the expansion of the COXEM products. COXEM will expand our knowledge in the SEM space, and we at JH Technologies expect to be able to leverage those skills into new opportunities created with our current customers.

What are the main sectors of the market that JH Technologies will continue to focus on, and what is JH Technologies’ marketing strategy for SEM and Ion milling?

Currently, our largest markets are in the fields of Microtechnology, Medical devices, Materials & Manufacturing, and scientific institutions. Our strategy for SEM and Ion milling is to connect with our current customer base and introduce the COXEM product line, which will significantly benefit much of our existing clientele. We believe that these existing customers are likely to make up 80% of our SEM sales on a yearly basis.

How do you view SEM market growth in the USA, and what are your expectations from the market?

It is currently estimated that the SEM market is somewhere between $40-$60 million to date. We plan to grow the COXEM business to revenues of $10 million within 3 years to achieve a 15% market share. This will help JH Technologies achieve our 15% annual growth rate – which, I am happy to share, is currently faster than the rate of market growth.

We hope to create strong visibility of COXEM within the North American market to allow COXEM to become the premier supplier of Table-top SEMs in North America.  

About John Hubacz

John is proud to lead a team of technically talented, customer-oriented, caring, and slightly “geekish” individuals who thrive on providing the best customer experience possible. Focused on growing JH Technologies' business at a rate that doesn’t sacrifice customer service, John's goal is to make JH Technologies recognizable as a top-rated vendor to our customers and a highly valued partner to our partners. With a degree in Business Marketing and minors in Economics & Cybernetics Systems, John has 37 years of experience in the Silicon Valley with 35 years at JH Technologies. He is also proud to manage JH Technologies' iFuSE Microscope Donation Program (Inspiring Future Scientific Exploration), which focuses on donating microscopes and lab equipment to K-12 schools and needy organizations around the world.

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