The Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

Thermal insulating layers, such as removable insulation blankets or jackets, can be attached to machinery and other mechanical components to regulate equipment temperature and optimize operational efficiency.

Insulation blankets can enhance safety in the workplace and, unlike conventional permanent or hard coat insulation, allow access to any covered machine, making it accessible for maintenance. This article discusses five key benefits of removable insulation blankets and how they offer a viable alternative to permanent covers and coatings.

The Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

Image Credit: Firwin Corporation

Key Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

Multi-layer insulation blankets of materials such as fiberglass and CMS wool act as moisture protection and heat insulation agents for various equipment types, including engine components, exhaust systems, pipes, pumps, and valves. Removable thermal insulation jackets provide a variety of benefits unique to their applications.

The Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

Image Credit: Firwin Corporation

Enhance Workplace Safety

While eliminating all potential safety hazards from a workplace is impossible, you can significantly reduce the risk of common injuries with insulation covers.

Removable insulation covers act as a barrier and prevents accidents such as burns if employees inadvertently come into contact with hot equipment. These blankets also help control ambient temperatures by managing heat generation and limiting fire risk in a facility due to their fire-resistant properties.

Extend the Life Span of Insulated Components

Removable insulation blankets can help protect outdoor components exposed to extreme temperatures and the elements. For example, outdoor pipes with small diameters, for example, are vulnerable to freezing during a cold snap.

Attaching a removable insulating blanket can protect against fluctuating temperatures and prevent burst pipes. Apart from external conditions, condensation can also amass on a pipe’s surface,  commonly known as pipe sweating. This can cause rusting of the pipe, but a removable insulation blanket can protect against any rust and corrosion to extend the life span of machinery while ensuring vital parts remain accessible for maintenance.

Facilitate Routine Maintenance

Potential equipment problems and failures can be easily identified before they become major issues that might otherwise lead to expensive downtime for operations. Removable blankets make periodic and efficient equipment inspections readily accessible, allowing teams to quickly perform necessary maintenance.

Install with Ease

Installation of a removable insulation blanket is a relatively simple process as it can be easily wrapped around the desired component to supply the required thermal insulation. They generally utilize lacing wire fastenings for greater versatility, but other options such as straps, snaps, Velcro, and springs are available.

Generate Cost Savings in Reduced Energy Consumption

Escaping heat via a pipe or at the heat source itself can mean a loss of energy and require increased energy consumption to counteract it. A removable insulation blanket has the ability to trap heat and prevent it from escaping, resulting in considerable cost savings while making sure companies remain compliant with energy-efficient regulations. 

Removable Insulation Blanket vs. Permanent Insulation: Which Should You Use?

Making the appropriate choice between removable and permanent insulation is contingent on the particular application. A combination of durability requirements, space constraints, a necessity for removability, and budget will ultimately be the decisive factors. When comparing removable vs permanent, the following needs to be considered:

  • Resistance to wear: Removable blankets can be durable, but they are typically not as tough as permanent insulation. Permanent insulation may be the better option in applications that require regular interaction with sharp objects to prevent tears.
  • Space limitations: Permanent insulation such as Firwin’s Hard Coat insulation conforms tightly to the part surface as it is applied directly to a component, making it a great choice for applications with space constraints.
  • Removability: For applications where frequent routine maintenance is beneficial, removable blankets are an excellent choice. They can even be reapplied and reused.
  • Budget: With greater performance comes greater costs. Due to its high-performance and durability permanent insulation, such as Firwin’s Hard Coating, is more expensive than the removable insulation.
  • Lead times: Depending on the company, both permanent and removable insulation blankets generally have turnaround times between two to three weeks. However, components for hard coat insulation must first be shipped to the factory, where the insulation is applied, and then the insulated component is redistributed back to the customer. This causes additional time delays and expenses.

Firwin: Your Removable Insulation Blanket Experts

Removable insulation blankets are vital additions for piping and machinery in a variety of industrial processes and scenarios, and Firwin Corporation is on hand to help. Whether you require a removable jacket or a permanent Firwin HC™ Hard Coat, Firwin delivers high-performance products that meet your needs.

Offering high-quality blankets, Firwin remains committed to continuous process and production improvement with a team that embraces technological advancements to bring innovation into its product line.

At Firwin, all inquiries are addressed within a 24-hour period, delivering the commitment to excellent customer service. If you have any questions about Firwin’s products, get in touch today and allow Firwin to help you make the right insulation choice for your project.

Image Credit: Firwin

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Firwin Corporation.

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