Relink Technology: A Game-Changer for Adhesive Tapes Removal

Adhesive tapes possess remarkable capabilities and are crucial elements in numerous demanding applications requiring high-end bonding, protection, and insulation. Despite advancements, frustrations persist, and valuable time is wasted on the tedious task of removing adhesive residue once tapes are no longer needed or require replacement.

Relink technology revolutionizes various applications by providing unparalleled bond strength coupled with effortless, clean-peel removability.

Bid farewell to sticky residue and streamline the replacement process with ease.

Relink Technology: A Game-Changer for Adhesive Tapes Removal

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Why Can Tape Removal Be a Problem?

In many contexts, tape removal can become a real concern. For example, tape removed from certain surfaces, such as those with paint, may strip off layers of surface material, leaving behind a damaged or unsightly area.

Even if the tape is removed without visible harm, it often leaves behind a sticky residue. This residue tends to attract dirt and dust, rendering the surface difficult to clean. Additional tools or chemicals might be necessary, which may further damage the surface.

In certain circumstances, removing tape can be a time-consuming and laborious endeavor. This is particularly apparent when dealing with expansive areas, such as flooring replacements, or when the tape has been affixed for a prolonged period, allowing the adhesive to bond firmly.

Some varieties of tape, especially those with robust adhesives, may tear or shred during removal. This complication can escalate the removal process and may necessitate additional efforts to achieve a completely clean removal.

The Power to Let Go

Fortunately, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions’ relink technology is specifically engineered to address these issues. The following sections will delve deeper into what this technology entails, how it operates, and unpack the advantages and additional value this unique UV acrylic tape technology has to offer.

The Main Facts to Know About Relink Tape Technology

When developing removable adhesive tapes, it is important to consider the final application and its intended operating conditions, including environmental influences.

Removability itself is challenging; however, it must be guaranteed under challenging conditions such as temperature, humidity, UV exposure or long-term force load.

Saint-Gobain prioritizes customer communication and understanding the tape’s application throughout the development process.

With in-house polymerization, Saint-Gobain can rapidly respond to customer needs and effectively design an adhesive formulation that delivers reliable bonding strength for secure fixation, even on challenging surfaces.

But, what distinguishes these tapes is their ability to be effortlessly removed in one piece, leaving behind no residue or the need for additional treatments. In essence, Saint-Gobain’s Relink technology merges formidable bonding capabilities with clean-peel removability.

What are the Benefits of Using Relink Technology?

The distinctive qualities of Relink technology yield numerous advantages across a range of applications. These tapes are crafted to effortlessly peel off, leaving no residue or risk of damage. The relink product portfolio is ideal for temporary applications in which a firm bond is required without a long-term commitment.

How Relink Technology Tapes Make a Difference

Consider Biolink Relink 2318 and Biolink Relink 2521, which are specifically designed for flooring applications. These products provide a reliable bond between carpets and panels. They are easy to reposition during installation and prevent issues like shrinking, edge-lifting, or shifting, ensuring a secure attachment.

When it is time to replace the carpet, the Relink technology can be removed effortlessly without leaving behind torn tape, residue, or damage. This not only simplifies maintenance but also reduces downtime and cuts costs by eliminating the need for additional tools, post-treatments, cleaning, or repairs.

Similarly, consider labels; they must remain securely affixed regardless of the conditions but should be easily removable when necessary. Biolink Relink 2292 is specially engineered for both reliable bonding and clean-peel removability, offering benefits such as preventing dirt or dust from accumulating, avoiding sticky residues, and enhancing efficiencies through perfectly clean surfaces.

One of the most versatile members of the broad relink family is TC1513, PEV. This tape boasts strong and secure adhesion to a diverse variety of substrates, residue-free removability, and exceptional resistance to aging, weathering, and temperature variations. These qualities make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of temporary bonding applications.

Unlock the Power of Relink Technology: See How It Can Simplify Your Applications

Relink technology is a true innovation in the world of adhesive tapes, providing an unmatched combination of bonding strength and clean-peel removability. With this breakthrough technology, users can enjoy the benefits of adhesive tapes without any of the usual headaches.

No more residue, no more wasted time, and no more frustration. Discover the future of removable adhesive tapes and how they can make your life easier by reaching out to your local tape expert.


Produced from materials originally authored by Alexander Dewald from Saint-Gobain.

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This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions.

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