Sialons Explained

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With over thirty years experience in the production and development of advanced technical ceramics, International Syalons are experts in the field. We are the UK's leading manufacturer of sialon and silicon nitride based ceramics.

Sialon Materials

Sialons are amongst the strongest and most durable ceramics known. They will survive in even the most arduous industrial environments, in diverse applications in the oil⁄gas, molten metal handling, metal forming, industrial wear and chemical⁄process industries.

International Syalons Sialon Materials

International Syalons manufacture a range of materials including:

  • Syalon 101
  • Syalon 050
  • Syalon 501
  • Syalon 110
  • Zirconia 3Y-PSZ

Typical Application Areas for Sialon Materials

Sialon materials are typically used in applications such as;

  • Chemical Processing – Due to their excellent corrosion resistanc
  • Oil and Gas – Due to their durabilitye
  • Metal Forming – Due to their wear resistance and high temperature stability
  • Industrial Wear – Due to their extreme hardness
  • Molten Metal – Due to temperature stability and resistance to attack by molten metal

International Syalon’s Commitment to World Class Solutions

International Syalons are committed to providing world class solutions to your industrial materials requirements. Our R&D department, in collaboration with world renowned Institutes and Universities, are continuing to develop new materials and processes to ensure our customers are getting the best advanced ceramics available.

Should you consider our materials to be of interest, please contact us with your enquiry or to discuss your application with one of our technical specialists.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by International Syalons.

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