Heat Resistant Steel - Features, Applications and Composition of Heat Resistant Steel

Such steel is generally used in applications where resistance to increased temperatures is critical.

Physical Properties of Heat Resistant Steel

The steel is hard wearing and offers a resistance to large variations in temperature.

Industrial Applications of Heat Resistant Steel

Industrial applications include furnaces, heat exchanges and incinerators where temperatures can reach in excess of 1100°C.

Characteristics of Heat Resistant Steel

Characteristics include corrosive resistance, creep resistance, oxidation resistance and hydrogen brittleness - all under extremely high temperatures.

Composition of Heat Resistant Steel

Our steels are made from nickel and titanium based alloys for outstanding high temperature performance.

About Chrome Moly

Chrome Moly is one of our most popular heat resistant steels and is commonly found throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The combination of chromium (giving the steel excellent corrosion resistance) and Molybdenum (for greater tensile strength and heat resistance), makes this steel an ideal choice for high temperature working environments.

Types of Heat Resistant Steel

The range offered by Masteel includes plate, sheet, bar, pipe, tube and fittings. Standard and non standard sizes are available from stock, items outside of current stock can be produced rolled to size (utilising allocated rolling programmes).

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