Applications and Care of Gas Chromatography Columns

Bruker is dedicated to providing high-quality analytical systems and this commitment has now been extended to other components of its analytical systems. The company has implemented the same arduous standards of utility, performance, and expertise on all components of its analytical systems.

A Range of GC Columns to Meet Specific Needs

Bruker GC columns are available in a variety of stationary phases, column diameters, and capillary column materials that are suitable for standard and research analyses. The GC columns are used in a number of key applications. They include:

  • Small Internal Diameter Columns for rapid analysis that enhance cycle time and at the same time maintain high resolution.
  • Inert Steel Packed and Micro-Packed Columns for composition analysis with large components.
  • Standard Wall Coated Open Tubular (WCOT) Columns with an internal diameter varying from 0.25 to 0.53 mm in various stationary phases for wide and narrow analyte concentration ranges.
  • Solid Stationary Phase Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) Columns for analysis of volatiles requiring optimum selectivity. These columns are configured for applications employed for gas and petrochemical analyses.

Bruker GC columns

Bruker GC columns

Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical Analyses

For analysts working in the petrochemical industry, Bruker offers a wide range of GC analysis solutions. The company provides gas chromatography hardware that are complete with software, columns and consumables as per ASTM, ISO, UOP, EN and GPA industry standards.

Targeted Solutions for Distillation

Simulated distillation according to ASTM D7169 standard is utilized to ascertain the distribution of boiling point range in petroleum products through capillary gas chromatography of residual fuel oils and heavy distillate with initial boiling point above 100°C and final boiling point above 720°C. The stationary phase must be able to fulfill resolution and retention time specifications and still remain stable at elevated temperatures.

To meet these standards, the BR-1HT SimDist column is being used by Bruker. In addition to this column, the company provides a comprehensive range of columns for the petrochemical industry that comprise high resolution columns for hydrocarbon analysis, PLOT columns for selective volatiles analysis, and micro-packed columns for refinery gas analysis.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, gas chromatography is applied to examine volatiles in intricate samples. With present evolution of complex pharmaceuticals, advanced formulations and high-tech delivery systems, accurate analysis is needed to provide drugs that are safe and effective.

The BR-624ms phase is more compatible with polar injection solvents than type BR-1 or BR-5 columns.

The BR-624ms phase is more compatible with polar injection solvents than type BR-1 or BR-5 columns.

Drug screening

Drug screening

Headspace Testing and Analysis of Polar Unknowns

Bruker provides GC columns to isolate and examine the headspace matrix in a quick and precise manner. For polar component analysis, high column inertness is important. With the help of Bruker inert columns, high polar components such as glycols, tosylate, mesylate and besylate that are susceptible to react with the column phase, provide the desired peak symmetry for optimum quantification.

Current environmental analysis market is more rigorous since it is governed by EPA and EN institutions. The levels of dangerous components to be determined are very low, while the range of sample matrices is wide and tend to be quite complex. To optimize the performance of GC or GC/MS system, Bruker Capillary Columns provide superior thermal stability along with high inertness and low bleed levels. These features allow individuals to fulfill the analysis quality requirements proposed by regulatory agencies.

Environmental Analysis

High-quality columns reduce downtime and improve profit per sample, and simultaneously maintain the integrity of results. Bruker provides a range of columns that are made to suit specific application needs.

Analysis of Pesticides

The BR-5MS column delivers exceptional inertness towards basic, acidic, and neutral compounds. It offers superior resolution of high molecular weight PAHs and has unmatched thermal stability. These aspects make the column suitable for analysis of pesticides and volatiles.



Clinical and Forensic Analysis

For clinical and forensic applications, Bruker offers columns that are made and tested to meet strict requirements for low bleed, inertness, and unrivaled column to column reproducibility. Using the same column, derivatized cannabinoids and other drugs can be studied with better results.

Derivatized cannabinoids

Derivatized cannabinoids

Analysis of Food, Flavors and Fragrances

Numerous governing agencies have developed a set of requirements for testing food, flavors and fragrances. New developments and issues on product quality have made it necessary to implement content product labeling and reporting. Bruker offers a selection of gas chromatographic columns for food applications. For analysis of triglycerides, cholesterol and other dietary sterols, Bruker columns are available that can function even at high temperatures. Similarly, strong analytical methods are required for flavors and fragrances so as to isolate the desired components. Bruker columns are designed to meet this criterion.

Split injection of a neat lemon oil on the BR-5 column

Split injection of a neat lemon oil on the BR-5 column


The Bruker GC columns have high separation power and provide improved retention and selectivity to enable better identification and measurement of important components in natural and synthetic products.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry.

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