Ensuring Purity of Gases for Gas Chromatography

Purity of gas is important for generating high-quality analytical data. Conversely, gas impurities can considerably affect the outcome of analysis and can lead to troubleshooting that entails significant amount of time.

Super Gas Clean Filters make certain that gases for GC, GC-MS, ICP-M and LC-MS have the desired purity needed for trace analysis and also help in protecting the instrument. In case of GC and GC-MS carrier and detector make-up, gases have to be pure to extend the lifetime of the column by minimizing stationary phase bleed, inhibiting column degradation, and ensuring low noise and stable baselines.

Nebulizing gases are utilized for ICP-MS and LC-MS and impurities in these gases can considerably bring down the sensitivity level and degrade the authenticity of data. Whether moisture, oxygen, or other trace impurities, Super Gas Clean Filters eliminate these impurities and enhance system performance.

Super Clean Gas Filter

Super Clean Gas Filter

Super Gas Clean Filters

Combination of advanced design and product reliability has resulted in a wide range of gas filters that are customized for challenging applications. Gas purification systems from Bruker are designed to meet specific needs. These systems range from individual to combination filters, from Ultra capacity to Ultra purity, to all-in-one solution kits.

Products with innovative features provide a number of advantages to the user. Some of the advantages include:

  • High-purity output guarantees 99.9999% pure gas
  • Ultra-high capacity for extended life, enhanced productivity
  • Glass internals avert diffusion; plastic exteriors ensure safety
  • "Quick connect" fittings allow easy, leak-tight filter changes
  • Easy-to-read indicators for optimum maintenance and enhanced up-time

All-in-One Solution: Triple Filter Kits for MS/ECD/NPD

The Triple Filter Kit offers a complete solution for purifying carrier gas. It comprises 1 position base plate and 1 Triple (Oxygen/ Hydrocarbon/Moisture) Filter.

Complete Filter Set Kit for FID

Fuel Gas Triple Kit for FID

The Fuel Gas Triple Kit is a suitable choice for purifying flame ionization detector (FID) fuel gas and carrier gas, for eliminating hydrocarbons, oxygen and moisture from the carrier gas using the triple filter, and for removing hydrocarbons and moisture from the fuel gas through two combi filters. These combi filters for air and FID Hydrogen create a stable baseline and enhance overall sensitivity and reproducibility.

Ultra Capacity Filter Set Kit for FID

This kit is Ultra purity combined with Ultra capacity and includes 1 Ultra High Capacity Hydrocarbon Filter, 1 Ultra High Capacity Oxygen Filter, 1 Ultra High Capacity Moisture Filter, and 2 four position base plates.

Fuel Gas Kit for FID

The Fuel Gas Kit is ideal for purifying FID fuel gases and eliminating hydrocarbons and moisture.

Moisture Removal

Presence of moisture in carrier gas lines can affect hydrocarbon and oxygen filters and also increase detector noise. As a precautionary measure, a moisture filter can be installed before the oxygen and hydrocarbon filters on all carrier gas lines.

Ultra-High Capacity Oxygen Filter

Ultra-High Capacity Oxygen Filter

Hydrocarbon Removal

A hydrocarbon filter can be used if the gas has a possible source of hydrocarbon impurities or if carrier gas ghost peaks are observed. The hydrocarbon filter can be installed after the moisture filter so as to prevent the degradation of the hydrocarbon-trapping capability of the activated carbon within the hydrocarbon filter.

Ultra-High Capacity Hydrocarbon Filter

Ultra-High Capacity Hydrocarbon Filter

Oxygen Removal

Oxygen is present even in UHP gases and can considerably affect the columns. Even small amounts of leakage at fittings enable oxygen to invade against the concentration gradient. Since oxygen is capable of entering a gas line or during gas bottle exchange, the oxygen filter must be the final connection before the gas line enters the chromatograph.

Helium-Specific Triple Filter

High Capacity Helium-Specific Triple Filter

High Capacity Helium-Specific Triple Filter

The Helium-Specific Triple Filter is suitable for purifying helium in GC/ MS systems. It is packed and purged under helium and includes hydrocarbon, oxygen and moisture filter material in a single filter.

Super Clean Gas Filters for LC-MS System

In order to satisfy the high flow requirements of the LC-MS system, the moisture or hydrocarbon filled filters are placed in a parallel fashion. The incoming gas stream is divided uniformly between the filters and the two streams are reconnected after purification but before the gas leaves the base plate.

Super Clean Filter Base Plates

Super Clean Filter Base Plates


Bruker GC columns are available in a variety of stationary phases, column diameters, and capillary column materials. They are suitable for both routine and research analyses. The range of offerings include Standard Wall Coated Open Tubular Columns, Small Internal Diameter Columns, Solid Stationary Phase Porous Layer Open Tubular Columns, and Inert Steel Micro-Packed and Packed Columns.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry.

For more information on this source, please visit Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry.


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