Puncture Testing of Thermoplastic Roofing Fabrics

The application of thermoplastic materials as roofing membranes was first identified in Europe during the 1960’s. Since then, thermoplastic fibers have been used in many different areas, including domes, barrels, large expansive flat roofs, steep slopes, huge factories, airports, individual fast-food or convenience stores, small strip malls, and institutional buildings such as hospitals, museums and schools.

Puncture Testing of Thermoplastic Materials

Testing the puncture resistance of thermoplastic materials is considered as a key measure to ensure their quality as per the specifications outlined in the ASTM D4830 standard. The suitable option to perform this test is Tinius Olsen’s test specific attachment, the model S348, configured on a H5K-S machine from Tinius Olsen. This setup meets the requirements of the ASTM D4830 standard. It features a tensile testing machine, solid steel rod with hemispherical end and hardness range of 50-60 HRC, and ring clamp attachments that can clamp without slippage.

During the test, the thermoplastic fabric specimen is fastened between grooved, circular plates of the ring clamp attachment implemented on the H5K-S tensile testing machine. A steel rod that is connected to the load cell in the tester’s movable cross-head is moved down at a constant rate onto the fabric specimen until it breaks. The resultant rupture force of the thermoplastic fabric is measured and reported in N or lbf.

One of the main advantages of this configuration is the easy and fast removal of the puncture attachment from the testing equipment by simply undoing a locking ring, followed by the removal of the locating pin. This, in turn, allows the quick configuration of the testing equipment to perform other tests, such as tear and tensile, thus making the testing machine a one-stop solution to measure the properties of the thermo plastic fabrics such as tear strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance in order to assess their strength and performance. Moreover, the use of the Tinius Olsen Horizon software provides quick, precise and reliable test results.

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