Aluminum Copper Phosphorus (AlCuP) Master Alloy

KBM Affilips manufactures a complete range of alloys, including the vital Aluminum-Titanium-Boron grain refiner alloy, for use in the global aluminum industry.

These superbly made master alloys have found use in foundry alloys and aluminum wrought alloys for adjusting composition and controlling structure. Aluminum Copper Phosphorus (AlCuP) master alloy is one such material offered by KBM Affilips.

AlCuP Master Alloy

Hypereutectic AlSi foundry alloys are typically used in applications that demand high wear resistance, such as pistons and brake cylinders. It is essential to have an even small grain size of the primary silicon phase in order to obtain homogeneous alloy properties. This can be achieved with the addition of small quantities of phosphorus.

KBM Affilips offers AlCuP master alloy in cut 9.5 mm rod. The master alloy can serve as a very effective Si-grain refiner, and as such a better alternative, for instance, CuP10%.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by KBM Affilips.

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