Applications of T-Slotted Tables in Materials Testing

T-slotted tables prove quite handy when they are utilized with materials testing machines as they provide a convenient way to insert and hold large or unusually-shaped test samples.

T-slotted table

Figure 1. T-slotted table

T-slotted tables are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Figure 1 shows a T-slotted table designed to fit a 10,000lbf twin column bench-top tester, which in turn is mounted on a frame. A conduit manufacturer uses this bench-top tester to perform flexural tests on its products. The T-slots make it convenient to locate the flexural jig supports, which in turn are fastened in the slots. This makes it fast and easy to switch between different products.

Traditional vs. Electomatic T Slotted Tables

Bench top testing machine

Figure 2. Bench top testing machine

In traditional T slotted tables, the loading point must remain in the middle of the specimen and should be in the same plane as the loadcell, because off-centered loading can give wrong results and also tends to damage the loadcells. However, the Electomatic series of testing machines offered by Tinius Olsen have a special design and feature that enables and counteracts any off centered loading.


Tinius Olsen can design and supply T-slotted tables of all shapes and sizes to meet individual requirements for testing large or non-standard samples. Tinius Olsen offers S series, T series, U series, Super L series and Electomatic series of tension and compression testing machines.

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