Atmospheric Testing with the OPTIDIST Distillation Analyzer

OptiDist™ is an advanced optimal solution for performing atmospheric distillation, offering the most precision and ease of use ever seen. Multiple methods and non-standard capability are enabled by the versatile design and hence can be easily adapted for different applications. The testing and results comply with all atmospheric distillation methods. The OptiDist™ enables one button straightforward operation. The easy to use distillation analyzer with advanced man machine interface (MMI) features, such as the built-in optimizer, contributes to a trouble-free operation requiring less operator expertise. Without manual heater settings and preliminary trials, the operator selects the test method and starts the distillation by just pressing the “Start” button.

Key Features

The key features of the OptiDist™ are:

  • Intelligent Vapor Probe memorizes calibration data and does not require manual adjustment in the flask neck
  • Automatic base plate detection
  • Self-positioning heater lift
  • EASY to operate touch screen interface
  • There is no need for the operator to deal with distillation flask issues such as difficult installation and risks of breaking off the arm when setting it into the base plate.
  • Automatic charge volume measurement for precise sample volume
  • Automatic alarm for condenser cleaning
  • The OptiDist™ automatically sets the optimal distillation conditions for any sample through the unique heating optimizer technology.
  • It delivers up to two times better precision for all common distillation samples.

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