JFTOT® Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing Unit by PAC LP

Alcor’s JFTOT® is a globally recognized standard for jet fuel thermal oxidation testing with a global installed base over 1000 instruments. The advanced JFTOT IV Alcor results in an industry-leading product and adds enhanced safety features and simplified operational capabilities in a smaller, streamlined package that significantly increases operator productivity.

The Alcor JFTOT IV analyzers help significantly improve your operations, in a easy, safe way while strictly following ASTM D3241, IP 323, and ISO 6249 test methods.

Key Features

The key features of JFTOT jet fuel thermal oxidation testing unit are:

  • Decreasing operator exposure to jet fuel vapor with a vapor containment system
  • Preventing exposure to the hot heater tube section with a safety door; test will not start till the door is closed
  • Instrument software supports multiple languages.
  • Contributes to a significantly faster analysis cycle time
  • Reduces operator intervention by ~40 minutes
  • Allows the operator to focus on higher value responsibilities.
  • Provides traceable results with the IHT by storing the analysis data electronically on the IHT, rather than only having a hard copy print out of the test
  • Reducing exposure to fuel by flushing it at the end of the test; keeps test section dry during disassembly
  • Automating traditionally time-intensive manual activities, such as pump priming, flow monitoring, and sample aeration
  • Improved user functionalities
  • Easy and fast data extraction with the new fully integrated RFID reader/writer for the Alcor Intelligent Heater Tubes™ (IHT)

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