Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer - ElemeNtS

ElemeNtStotal elemental combustion analyzer from PAC performs analysis on an extensive application range, all in a single instrument:

  • Ability to analyze gases, liquids, and LPG samples, accurately and rapidly
  • Quick analysis for different types of samples
  • Long-term stability for non-stop use

Improved Lab Productivity Through Reduced User Intervention

  • The analyzer is factory-tuned and ready for method development, as soon as it is installed
  • High-capacity liquid autosampler (324 samples) minimizes the need for operators to be present while running samples
  • Options to develop customized applications, eliminating the need for operators to spend time to develop methods
  • Long-term stability minimizes calibrations that must be done by operators for any measurement range

Application-Specific Configurations Offer Excellent Precision

  • Customized methods can be developed by PAC application specialists, avoiding the need for on-site method development
  • Dedicated sample analyzer that can be truly optimized for the targeted application, and configured for various applications
  • The analyzer is factory-tuned before being shipped

Proven Compliance for Multiple Industries

  • Extensive range of applications enables multiple industries to meet standards requirements
  • Low detection limits fulfill quality and regulatory requirements

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