The Binder oven and chamber range covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in offering unique precision in both areas.

Most of the technological advancements made in temperature chambers on an international basis can trace their routes back to Binder ovens and chambers. Binder ovens have several patents for this technology and the Binder customer list features some of the renowned companies in over 100 different counties.

Binder ovens maintain the highest standards in both research into product techniques and the product development. Binder also takes pride and care in quality assurance and the manufacturing process.

Key Features

The key features of the Binder oven are:

  • Binder ovens offers the best temperature range, temperature uniformity, ergonomic design, features lowest energy consumption and reasonable price.
  • Binder ovens adheres to the highest standards of temperature measurements in the industry
  • Binder ovens follow the DIN 12880 standards and follows a 27-point measurement
  • Features an ergonomically based temperature PID controller whereas competitors feature the controller at the base of the system making it harder to read and more difficult to operate
  • The Binder oven may take a slightly longer time to reach the set temperature when compared to other ovens but once it reaches the set temperature, the heating is very uniform
  • The oven features a patented dual chamber air jacket. Binder’s APT line produces optimal temperature uniformity and fast dynamics
  • Features Rockwool insulation in comparison with fiberglass of competitors
  • Rockwool insulation is twice as thick as that for competitors and improves the efficiency and performance, features lower energy consumption, higher density with minimal heat loss and the oven’s outer shell is kept cool
  • Is suitable for high temperature oven applications up to 800°C

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