Constant Climate Chamber with Humidity Control

Constant climate chambers from BINDER in any implementation are a one-stop solution for consistently and easily managing the stress or stability test. The BINDER constant climate chambers of the KBF P series are suited for norm compliant work based on ICH guidelines and work independent of water supply. It is possible to perform climate and light tests at the same time in a single chamber.

BINDER constant climate chambers offer a broad temperature and humidity range created for challenging stress testing.

Key Features

The key features of the constant climate chamber are:

  • Long-term stable test conditions
  • Independent of the water supply
  • One-stop solution: Temperature/humidity/light simulation in one chamber


The applications of Binder’s constant climate chamber are:

  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Basic Research / research Institutes
  • Packaging and cosmetics Industry
  • Food / beverage

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