Manifold System for Operation with The MET ONE 3400 Series from Beckman Coulter

The MET ONE A3432 manifold system is developed for operation with the MET ONE 3400 series portable air particle counters. With the MET ONE A3432 air particle counter manifold system, it is possible for a single particle counter to sample up to 32 locations.

Key Features

The key features of the MET ONE A3432 manifold system are:

  • ISO 21501-4 reliability and accuracy test wizard for easier compliance, helps organize the clean room
  • Flexible Communications – easy set up and data transfer Seamless Connectivity to Data Management Software
  • Economical clean room solution for facility monitoring
  • Sample up to 32 locations per manifold ISO class 1 to 8
  • Eliminate false positives due to sample line contamination.
  • MET ONE A3432 air particle counting manifold system offers high flow purge through all sample lines
  • Sample high risk particle counter clean room locations more often

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