MET ONE HHPC 3+ Handheld Particle Counter for Contamination Sensitive Environments from Beckman Coulter

The MET ONE HHPC 3+ (0.3µm) is developed for contamination sensitive industrial environments where 0.3µm sensitivity is desired for troubleshooting HEPA filtered workstations as well as clean-room spot checks. Applications include optical components, aerospace, PCBA and precision parts manufacturing.

The MET ONE HHPC 3+ (0.5µm) version is chosen by regulated and semi-regulated production environments that adhere to a GMP principle and wish to monitor to the ISO 14644 clean-room classification at particle sizes 0.5µm, 1.0 and 5.0µm. Applications include aseptic filling facilities including food and beverage filling lines, hospital labs and formulating pharmacies.

Key Features

  • The counter has a easy-to-read high resolution display, which is fully configurable, presenting only the data needed in a clear large font
  • Light weight and comfortable for those hard to reach HEPA filter leaks
  • At only 1.5lbs the MET ONE HHPC+ slim design allows single handed operation
  • Perfect for effortless troubleshooting of filter leaks in mini-environments and workstations
  • Quickly check or validate ISO Class 5 (FED STD Class 100) or higher clean rooms and controlled environments
  • Save analysis time with on-the-spot process profiling to pinpoint particle events
  • Download to Excel via Ethernet using industry standard browsers
  • Plug a USB memory stick in the MET ONE HHPC+ to transfer particle data direct to a PC
  • The handheld counter is fully charged, and ready for use at all times, when you use the charge cradle.
  • The unique cradle provides PC access to particle counting data via Ethernet or USB cable

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