WDS (Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy) Detector - Resolve Overlapping Elemental Peaks

The QUANTAX WDS features the XSense spectrometer. This high accuracy instrument includes sophisticated detector technology and offers several excellent benefits.

A number of automation features make the XSense convenient to operate and relieve the user from time-consuming and monotonous adjustments. Some of these features include perfect optical alignment, automatic choice of the right analyzer crystal, proportional counter gas flow and detector settings.

The XSense spectrometer includes six analyzer crystals and covers the 100eV to 3.6keV energy range, which is most relevant for high resolution X-ray microanalysis. The numerous crystals with partially overlapping energy ranges offer the right choice for every application.

Key Features

The key features of the QUANTAX WDS include:

  • Sophisticated auto-aligning optical system with sub-micrometer resolution ensures optimum count rates
  • Proportional counter with unique gas flow and pressure control enables reliable data acquisition
  • Distortion-free non-magnetic optics
  • Fully motorized advanced kinematics
  • Seamless integration with EDS through the ESPRIT analytical software
  • Ultimate sensitivity through sophisticated kinematics and advanced optical system
  • Touch control panel for easy spectrometer setup and monitoring

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