EBSD Detector for Residual Strain Analysis and Phase Identification

The new QUANTAX eFlashHD detector is designed with a native CCD resolution of approximately 2 MP (1600 x 1200 pixels) and advanced camera optics for reduced distortions. The eFlashHD detector offers high definition Kikuchi patterns that exhibit the finest details.

Unlike its predecessor, the eFlashHR, the eFlashHD has a better cooling system that reduces the CCD's dark current by a factor of four, the generated Kikuchi patterns now are have a much better quality (higher signal/noise ratio). The new eFlashHD detector uses a high efficiency and superior quality phosphor screen to obtain very detailed Kikuchi patterns. The integration of a small grain size phosphor material and a high pixel resolution CCD chip ensures a final pixel size in the patterns of 20 µm making visible miniscule alterations in the patterns.

The eFlashHD is provided with ARGUS™ forescattered/backscattered electron imaging system. This offers valuable additional data for important and efficient microstructure characterization.

Furthermore, the eFlashHD can be retrofitted with the innovative OPTIMUS™ TKD detector head for testing electron transparent samples in the finest sample-detector geometry possible.

Key Features

The main features of the QUANTAX eFlashHD are given below:

  • Suitable choice for residual strain analysis aka HR-EBSD
  • Datasets containing eFlashHD high quality patterns are ideal for cross correlation analysis with third party software like CrossCourt4
  • Ideal solution to run the pattern center calibration using techniques based on screen movement
  • ARGUS™ forescattered/backscattered electron imaging system enhances the detector’s versatility
  • High precision guiding system allows for a screen positioning precision better than 10 µm


The main applications of the QUANTAX eFlashHD are as follows:

  • HR-EBSD (residual strain analysis)
  • Analysis of pseudo-symmetry in crystal structures
  • Ultra-accurate phase identification

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