Diamond Suspensions, Slurries, and Compounds

Advanced Abrasives Corporation manufactures a broad selection of superabrasive diamond suspensions, slurries, and compounds (pastes) from their own high quality milled powders in monocrystalline and in polycrystalline diamond types. A wide range of standard abrasive particle sizes are provided from 0.1µm up to 80µm in three levels of diamond concentration – standard, strong and metallurgical. To ensure compatibility to the many different types of application in science, academia and industry, a choice of carrier medium is provided with; water based, oil based and universal oil-based (water-soluble oil). For applications in which neither water nor oil is permissible, alcohol based slurries and suspensions are available.

Slurries and suspensions are provided in the three levels of diamond concentration as monocrystalline diamond with standard abrasive sizes available from 0.1µm to 45µm and as polycrystalline diamond with standard abrasive sizes available from 0.1µm to 15µm. Various container sizes are offered from 8oz (250ml) up to 5 gallons (19 litres).

Diamond compounds (pastes) are manufactured using proprietary carriers and tightly graded diamond powders in a variety of standard abrasive sizes as synthetic polycrystalline diamond (0.1µm to 15µm), synthetic monocrystalline diamond (0.1µm up to 80µm), or natural diamond (0.1µm up to 80µm). These diamond compounds are available as oil based, universal oil based or water based and are packaged in syringes from 5 grams to 30 grams and in 100 gram jars for larger quantity requirements.

The quality, consistency and polishing performance of diamond slurries, suspensions and compounds from Advanced Abrasives is ensured through the use of their own tightly graded diamond powders with no oversized particles, coupled with carriers optimized for lubricity and clean up. Performance is further ensured with the use of diamond polishing extenders/lubricants from Advanced Abrasives; each formulated for use with water-based, oil-based, universal oil based and alcohol-based diamond slurries, suspensions and compounds.

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