Lapping and Polishing Supplies

Advanced Abrasives provides an extensive line of supplies needed for lapping and polishing in a variety of industries from the precision lapping of semiconductor wafers and lapping/polishing of optical lens elements, to the lapping of metal and ceramic components in industrial manufacturing. Specially graded polycrystalline diamond slurries and colloidal silica suspensions are supplied for the precision lapping and polishing of sapphire wafers, semiconductor wafers, and optronic components.  Gugolz pitch, alumina, and cerium oxide powders and slurries are supplied for the lapping and polishing of optical lenses and mirrors.

Diamond slurries are available from Advanced Abrasives as monocrystalline and polycrystalline types in a wide variety of abrasive sizes with a choice of three different diamond concentrations and carrier vehicle mediums. The carrier vehicles of oil based, water-based and universal oil based are designed for optimum lubricity and cutting action. Tightly held diamond particle size distribution’s with no oversize particles help ensure a superior surface finish.

Advanced Abrasives’ Gugolz lapping pitch comes in five different grades with defined softening and melting points and can be combined to obtain custom softening/melt characteristics required for a specific application. This product is available in 1kg tubs.

Conventional abrasives for lapping and polishing are available from Advanced Abrasives such as alumina, boron carbide, cerium oxide and silicon carbide in the form of powders, suspensions, slurries and compounds.  These abrasives are used in various industries for the lapping and polishing of a wide variety of metal and ceramic components including gear sets, valve seats and sealing faces.

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