Small Sample Cleaver from LatticeGear

The Small Sample Cleaver (SSC) cleaves small (<10 mm) samples that have already been scribed or indented without touching the sample surface. The unique magnetic holders secure the sample during indenting and cleaving.

  • Secures the sample in the magnetic holder provided with the SSC; the sample can be transferred in the holder to the LatticeAx for indent to initiate the cleave
  • For use without the LatticeAx, scribe the sample manually
  • While still in the holder, the indented sample returns to the SSC for cleaving, with holder in position to align the indent over cleaving the pin
  • Touch-free cleaving: simply press on the holder's white dots with your fingers until the sample cleaves
  • Direct handling of samples is no longer a requirement. No more springs, screws, or pins.
  • Repeatedly, accurately and safely cleaves samples as small as 4 mm by 3 mm into 2 mm wide pieces


The key benefits of the Small Sample Cleaver are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Addresses the need to cleave small samples without surface damage or loss of material
  • Facilitates accurate and repeatable cleaving of small samples with a minimum degree of handling
  • Can be operated securely with gloved hands
  • Flexible sample handling. 4 sets of hold-downs accept samples of varying thickness; (200-950 µm) and widths; (3-15 mm)


The key features of the Small Sample Cleaver are as follows:

  • The SSC package is provided with four magnetic hold-downs for samples from 200-950 µm in thickness
  • The magnetic sample hold-downs can be used to securely transfer the sample to the LatticeAx for indent, then back to the SSC for cleaving
  • Gauge on the SSC sets the sample for a 0.5 mm indent, versus the standard 1 mm indent (on the LatticeAx)
  • Two cleaving pins for cleaving a variety of sample types
  • A storage case secures all components

Small Sample Cleaver from LatticeGear

SSC sample hold-downs
Sample on the LatticeAx, ready for indenting
Sample on SSC ready for cleaving
2 X 6 mm samples cleaved with the SSC
Cleaved TSVs and SEM cross section view of the results
SSC- half mm indent gauge
SSC- full and half mm indent

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