Cleaving Kit with Mat

The crucial step in obtaining good cross-sections is to scribe and cleave cleanly. The LatticeGear Cleaving Kit offers a complete set of tools to both scribe and cleave neatly and is suitable for different substrates and wafers such as Si, GaAs, and glass.


  • Diamond Scribe-pen style
  • Diamond Scribe-straight tip
  • Diamond Scribe-30° tip
  • Tweezers with black soft fiber fine tip (length 6 ¼”)
  • CleanBreak Pliers-wafer cleaving pliers
  • Large 18” x 12” cutting mat-self healing, wafer cutting mat
  • Small ruler mat-self healing, small wafer piece ruler mat
  • Clear plastic ruler with metric and US units
  • Tungsten cleaving wire
  • Price: US$320

Cleaving Kit with Mat

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