Pendulum Impact Tester-IT 406 and 542

The pendulum impact testers made by Tinius Olsen are adaptable, dependable tools created to fully adhere to the requirements specified in ASTM E23, EN10045-2, and ISO 148. The Model IT406 and the Model IT542 are now widely regarded as the impact testing industry standards.

Metal Impact Tester

Video Credit: Tinius Olsen

A variety of options are available from Tinius Olsen to simplify the operation of the impact tester, ranging from a straightforward electric brake to bring the swinging pendulum to a stop to an automatic motorized return that requires no operator input other than releasing the pendulum.

A standalone PC can connect machines with digital displays to Tinius Olsen’s Horizon software. Tinius Olsen can provide a full enclosure for the machine in high-traffic areas so that the machine’s swinging pendulum and broken specimens do not endanger anyone.

The entire enclosure is interlocked, making it impossible for the machine to function without all of the guards in place.

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