Measuring Liquids in Basic Process Applications with the DR5400 Radar Level Transmitter

The Drexelbrook DR5400, a two-wire open-air radar level transmitter, is used for measuring liquids in fundamental process applications.

DR5400, FMCW 24 GHz open-air radar is a market entry level transmitter for liquids in fundamental process applications. Thanks to the established PP Drop antenna design of this model, it is not sensitive to condensation.

The antenna design makes it best suited for level measurements up to 100 m/328 ft. This radar level transmitter functions over a bandwidth of 2 GHz, from 24 to 26 GHz, to guarantee higher accuracy and sharper resolution. The DR5400’s higher signal dynamics enable precise detection of variations of even the smallest level.

Equipped with clear navigation display, HART 7 feature, and touch screen user interface, the DR5400 is a two-wire radar level measurement device that enables trouble-free setup and configuration.

The advanced signal processing and a large bandwidth enable this transmitter to measure the right level in the tank, even with agitated surfaces.

Key Features

  • Established PP Drop Antenna design that is not sensitive to condensation
  • Process conditions of up to 130 °C/266 °F and 232 psig (16 barg)
  • Measurement range of up to 100 m/328 ft
  • Two wire/24–26 GHz
  • 3-Year warranty

Product Type

Radar level transmitter, radar sensor, tank level indicator, liquid level sensor, water level switch, water level sensor, level transmitter, level gauge.

Drexelbrook FMCW Open Air Radar Series

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