Two-Wire Radar Level Transmitter for Solids from Granulates to Rocks

The Drexelbrook DR6400, a two-wire open-air radar level transmitter, is a suitable market entry level transmitter for solids ranging from granulates to rocks.

The DR6400, FMCW 24-26 GHz open-air radar is a market entry level transmitter for solids that range from granulates to rocks. Thanks to its established PP Drop antenna design, this model is not sensitive to product accumulation.

The level transmitter is a two-wire loop equipped with HART 7 potential with integrated configurations for a variety of surface profiles.

This radar level transmitter is a non-contact radar (FMCW) meter employed for measuring distance, volume, and level together with measurement of the mass of granulates, powders, and other solids.

The DR6400 radar level transmitter ensures a highly stable measurement when compared to pulse radar and is perfect for use in dusty process conditions. In the case of extremely dusty surroundings, the DR6400 employs an exclusive Drop antenna design.

This radar level transmitter has the ability to function not just at extremely low but also at extremely high process temperatures provided that the process connection temperature limits are noted. It incorporates an optional second current output, an additional directly accessible graphic touchscreen, and an installation wizard particularly for solids, allowing the instrument to measure irregular surfaces precisely.

Key Features

  • Established PP and PTFE Drop Antenna design insensitive to product build-up
  • Process conditions of up to 130 °C/266 °F and 232 psig (16 barg)
  • Measurement range of up to 100 m/328 ft
  • 3 year warranty
  • Incorporated configurations for a range of surface profiles

Product Type

Radar level transmitter, radar sensor, bulk solids level transmitter, liquid level sensor, water level sensor, tank level indicator, water level switch, level transmitter, level gauge.

Drexelbrook FMCW Open Air Radar Series

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