The Cooling System for Your Thinky Mixer

THINKY Corporation’s ENs-10 cooling system enables the operational temperature to be reduced by 10 C.

  • The ENs-10 system effectively lowers the temperature in the mixer by 10 C.
  • The system effectively subdues temperature increase within the mixer due to the heat generated by mixing of the materials.
  • The cool-down interval time can be reduced and efficient repeat operation can be achieved.

The ENs-10 can inhibit the increase in temperature within the THINKY MIXER during repetitive operation.

The THINKY Cooling System ENs-10 is an innovative optional cooling system that expels heat from the THINKY MIXER. Without the use of this cooling system, the temperatures inside a mixer are 10 C higher.


It has been confirmed that temperature within the mixer decreased by 10 C and by 11 C inside the motor.

The robust DC fan can effectively eliminate heat that builds up inside the mixer system.

  • Decreases mixer system temperature by about 10 C
  • Inhibits increase in mixer system temperature caused by heat produced by material
  • Achieves improved efficiency in repeated operations because of the reduction in cooling down interval time

The Ens-10 exhaust heat table is a product designed for THINKY MIXER ARE-250, ARE-310, and SR-500.

Product Specification

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Model ENs-10
Usage Reduces the temperature in the THINKY MIXER
Supported models Type A: ARE-310, SR-500 / Type B: ARE-250
Temperature reduction effects Temperature in the mixer : Reduced approx. 10 °C *1
Power supply Voltage Single-phase AC100 V±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Exhauster: around 40 VA
Mixer combination: Maximum 900 VA (operation)
Environment 10 to 35 °C, 35 to 85% RH (thing without dew condensation)
Dimension H 145 mm X W 310 mm X D 320 mm
Unit Weight Approx. 7 kg

*1 : Please contact us for higher specification.

The product appearance and specification may be changed without a preliminary announcement.

The Cooling System for Your Solder Paste Mixer

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Supported models of Type A: ARE-310/SR-500
Supported models of Type B: ARE-250

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