Sealant Deaeration with the ARV-3000TWIN

THINKY Corporation’s ARV-3000TWIN THINKYMIXER offers a large capacity of 3L material volume and 5kg max gross weight x 2. It enables mixing, dispersion, and deaeration (defoaming) procedures at the same time while not boiling over.

The model has a key role to play in enhancing the efficiency and productivity, while also improving quality. This is due to its ability to process considerable quantities of materials instantly on a mass production line.

The system can completely eliminate bubbles at the submicron level within a few minutes even upon using highly viscous materials together with high technology that can increase the vacuum inside the mixing container or the container holder to a higher level. Moreover, the number of rotations can be changed to select the optimal setting based on the materials used.

Features of THINKYMIXER (Vacuum) ARV-3000TWIN

  • No boiling over of materials occurs during operation as the optimal recipe for material can be set
  • Streamlines overall mixing and deaeration processes, for example, standardization of work, increase in processing quantity, decrease in material loss, and stabilization of quality
  • Potential to support sealant deaeration for ODF processing and major ODF sealant processing
  • Ability to support particle-less, cleanroom class 1000

Sealant + Au Ball

Gold balls are added to the sealant for bonding liquid crystal panel to serve as conductive filler.

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Material Sealant + Au ball
Capacity 40 g
Operation time setting 800 rpm, 20 minutes, 0.6 KPa
Compounding ratio 10 vol%
Material viscosity 200,000–400,000 mPa⋅s
Density 1.2


Our THINKY MIXER machines may seem like a mere product or a machine, but I pour my soul into making them. Our customers may be pressed by production work and have no time to think about handling the machine with care on a daily basis, but I hope that the machine would be handled with care. The reason is that if you use our THINKY MIXER in a way that would cause it to break down, production would stop and repair might be costly. As the one who made THINKY MIXER, I would like our customers to use it with care. I would be very happy if this machine is used while thinking that there will be people who pay money to get a product made using it.

Takafumi Oda, Product Engineering Department, Thinky Corp.


Sealant Deaeration with the ARV-3000TWIN

Sealant+Au ball
Related data - Before
Related data - After
Image 4
The shaft part of the ARC-600TWIN: Although this part is not visible to the customer, it is also made in the factory.
The rotating body of the ARV-3000TWIN before the milling process: Each weighs 150 kg, and is reduced to 30 kg after the process.
Image 7
Image 8

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