Product for Analyzing Liquid and Biological Samples - Cool Stage

The Cool Stage available from Coxem enables the examination of many biological samples that ordinarily contain significant moisture with complicated critical point drying or other fixation procedures. If moist samples are placed into the vacuum of an SEM without removing the moisture or using some type of Cryo-EM technique, the samples will often shrink or desiccate inducing significant distortion and irreversible damage to the sample.


COXEM’s Cool Stage helps users to freeze samples with moisture or liquid samples very quickly to preserve the current state, so that they can be imaged in an effective way. Moreover, the samples can be heated, thus enabling the changes of samples based on temperature variations to be noted in real time.

  • Cool Stage quickly freezes samples for analysis
  • The cold stage converts moist samples to a solid state that withstands the vacuum used in the SEM
  • The changes in the samples can be quantified according to the variations in the temperature by heating

Application to SEM

Cool Stage

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